Senior Pastor Search

October Status Update

First, what have we done since the September announcement?

Phase 1

We published this webpage as a resource for you, and for candidates. We will continue to update it with new content throughout the duration of this process.

In early October, we conducted Focus Groups. We invited participation from a large number of engaged volunteers who serve in the church. We wanted to hear the “voice of the congregation”. The participants responded to questions like, “What do you think FAC needs in the next senior pastor?” and, “What is important to you in the gifts and role of our next pastor?”

By the end of the October, we completed a two-page document entitled, “The Profile of Our Next Senior Pastor”. The profile is the result of merging input from the Focus Groups with the results of the same exercise that was conducted with the Elders and the church leadership staff. We think the profile is awesome. We encourage you to review it and we hope you feel the same.

Phase 2

Beginning in November, the nationwide search began. The pastor profile was posted on a couple of online job boards and we contacted a number of seminaries to have them circulate the document through their various pastor networks.

We will accept applications and inquiries until January 31, 2021.


Today, what are the next steps?

Step 1: We need you to be our third network for identifying potential candidates. The web, seminaries, and YOU.

We are inviting you to talk to friends and people you know about the position. Share this page with them so they can see all the details, or [ download a copy of the pastor profile ] and send it to them. It is very possible that someone in our congregation already knows our next pastor, OR maybe you know someone else who already knows him 🙂 Please spread the word.

Step 2: Let’s join together during this Phase 2 with prayer… and fasting.

Though the search team role has been clearly defined. Like you, we believe that our first priority is to seek the Lord, fully surrendered, for him to be glorified. Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the LORD Yehova builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” Please join us with this viewpoint.

Unless the LORD guides the search, the Church (not just the team) looks in vain. The Search Team is committing to this type of dependence and seeking by selecting a day for prayer and fasting in each of the three months ahead, November, December, and January. We ask that you join us. The first day will be Thursday, November 19th. Very soon, we will communicate a couple of guidelines on how-to fast. Please consider joining your church family as we fast and pray together.