Connect & Grow

We are passionate about connecting and growing in Jesus within an authentic loving community. We want to love each other well and help you find a place to belong and grow in your journey with Jesus. Below you will find that we offer small groups, studies, workshops, and more that are for everyone, exclusively for men, and exclusively for women.

Find a Group

It’s easy to locate a group using this group finder. Just use the search boxes to find a group for you or in your location.


[Spiritual Health Assessment]

This assessment tool is completely anonymous and will help you assess the depth of your relationship with God and where you need to grow. Honesty is key. Going deep in your relationship with God is the goal.

[Spiritual Gifts Assessment]

This Spiritual Gift Assessment by NorthPoint is designed to identify your spiritual gifts. While it is not exhaustive, it is a good start in beginning to use your gifts within your group.

[Missional Living Guide]

Missional living is about being an everyday witness of the Gospel. Use this guide to help you take steps toward living on mission.