Small Groups

Life is Better Connected

Community is important to growing in your relationship with Jesus. Mini-church groups at FAC help to foster authentic community in Christ. These close communities allow all participants to fellowship, study His Word, pray for one another, help each other in practical ways, or serve others. We want to enable you to start your own group or find a group to join. Click on the links below to help you get started.

Erik Jarvis
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Pastor Erik Jarvis

Community Life Pastor

Find a Group

It’s easy to find a group using the “Find A Group” search tool below. Just use the search boxes to find a group for you or in your location. For example, if you want to find a Minichurch in Marlton, type in “Marlton” in the search box on the left. If you want to find a Minichurch, type in “Community” in the search bar on the right. If you have questions about finding the right small group for you, contact Pastor Erik Jarvis. [].

Start a Group

Follow the steps below to start a group and we’ll support you with what you need. It’s easy to start a group with friends from church, a team you serve with in ministry, or anyone else.

  1. Grab a few people who are interested in meeting together as a group.
    Your group can gather around reading a book, serving your community, or simply doing something fun together. Whatever your focus is, we want to help you all grow to become more Jesus-centered, relationally healthy, and missionally engaged. Here are some examples of things your group could get together for:

    • Weekend sermon discussion
    • Bible study
    • Gardening
    • Game night
    • Music
    • BBQ
    • Community clean up
    • Workout
  1. Let us know that you started one. Please use [this form] to let us know who’s in your group, who will serve as a point of contact, and other info. This will also help us to connect you to even more leader resources.
  2. We’re here to support you! Check out the “Curriculum” tab above for helpful resources you can use with your group. We will support you with moving your group toward growing in relationship with Jesus.


[Group Discussion Videos & Questions]

Search our YouTube Channel to find a study to do with your group.

[Reading Scripture with The Bible Project]

A guide to help you read Scripture using the Bible Project videos. Highly recommended!

[Sermon Discussion Guides]

These guides follow the sermon series during the months of January to May.


A 10-session series on connecting to God, God’s people, and God’s work.


A 12-session series through Second Timothy on making disciples.


A 9-session series through First Peter on finding hope in a broken world.

[Your Chance]

A 12-session series on the life of Jesus’ twelve disciples and how this is our chance to influence the world for Christ.

[Experiencing the Holy Spirit]

An 8-session Bible immersive series on experiencing the Holy Spirit in our life.


A 5-part series on our current vision statement and 2-year BEYOND initiative that started in March of 2020. This series will challenge you to go beyond in your relationship with God and as a disciple of Jesus. 

[Other Recommended Curriculum]

A list of other recommended curriculum for small group use.

Meet Online

During this season we encourage you to continue to meet together with your group. If you are uncomfortable with meeting in person, you can meet together online!

Choose a study to do at home (if you aren’t doing one already). Here are some options:

Meet online to chat. Decide which format to use for meeting online to discuss the Discussion Questions. Here are a few options. Click on the link for a tutorial:

Be mindful of video chat etiquette. Online video chat has immensely blessed groups to be able to engage with each other. Through the past few weeks, we’ve learned a few best practices and chat etiquette. Try to do the following when meeting with your group online:

  • Be on time.
  • Be “camera-ready.” Make sure you and your background are appropriate.
  • Select a location that is quiet and free from distractions.
  • Be patient with the technology and expect glitches from time to time.
  • Mute your mic when you are not talking.
  • Speak clearly and wait your turn.
  • Use headphones if you can.
  • Ask for permission if you are going to take a picture of your group OR video record the session.

Find a Group

It’s easy to find a group! Just use the search boxes to find a group for you or in your location.