Small Groups

Life is Better Connected

Small groups at FAC foster life-changing, long-lasting relationships. These close communities enable all participants to follow God’s call, study His Word, pray for one another, help each other in practical ways, and engage in service. If you would like further information about a group that is right for you, please stop by the Information Desk after the Weekend Service and someone would be happy to help you.

Pastor Dave Krilov

Phone: 609-953-7333 x 105

Community Groups

Community Groups at FAC aim to grow in their relationship with Jesus, developing through love, service, and community. These communities enable all participants to love, serve and be in community with one another and serve those outside in their communities where they live, work, play and study.

Pastor Dave Krilov
609-953-7333 x 105

Hosting a Group Online

Technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected even when we can’t be in the same place at the same time.  Here are are few tips to help you start a small group online:

  1. Choose a study to do at home. Here are some options: 
  2. Meet online to chat. Decide which format to use for meeting online to discuss the Discussion Questions. Here are a few options. Click on the link for a tutorial: 
  3. Keep in touch.Keep in touch with each other throughout the week and encourage one another in their relationship with God. Here are some ideas: 
    • Have your group do a Bible reading plan together – through [The Bible App]. 
    • Text verses to each other. 
  4. Fill out the Form. If this is a new group, please use [ this form ] to let us know who’s in your group, who will serve as a point of contact, and other info. This will also help us to connect you to even more leader resources.

Find a Group

GroupLink Table

The GroupLink table is set up in September and in January after weekend services where you can find a Community Group in a specific area of town. You can even meet some of the Community Group leaders at these tables. Stay tuned to the Connection magazine for specific dates.



It’s easy to locate a group using [Group Finder]. Just use the search boxes to find a group for you or in your location. For example, if you want to find a Community Groups in Marlton, type in “Marlton” in the search box on the left. If you want to find a women’s group, type in “Women” in the search bar on the right. If you have questions about finding the right small group for you, please stop by the Information Desk after the Weekend Service and someone would be happy to help you.

Leader Resources

There is no finish line for leader development. Our goal with this page is to provide training and resources to help every leader continue to grow.