Small Group Leader Resources

There is no finish line for leader development. This page provides training and resources to help you grow as a leader. A major way FAC connects people to God and each other is through small groups. And leaders can make or break our small groups. This site is designed to help you be the best leader you can be with God’s help. Even if you’ve been leading groups for years, take advantage of these resources to help you grow. Explore the following:

  • Leader Training Videos (Teaching videos that will equip you as a Leader)
  • Leader Documents (PDF resources for the leader or for the group)
  • Curriculum (FAC-produced curriculum as well as recommended curriculum)
  • Service Projects (Opportunities for your group to serve together)

Thank you for leading and serving with us at FAC!


[ Connect. Grow. Serve. ]

A required 4-session starter series for all new groups

[ Reading Scripture with The Bible Project ]

A guide to help you read Scripture using the Bible Project videos. Highly recommended!

[ Sermon Discussion Guides ]

These guides follow the sermon series during the months of January to May.

[ Connect ]

A 10-session series on connecting to God, God’s people, and God’s work.

[ ReProduce ]

A 12-session series through Second Timothy on making disciples.

[ Hope ]

A 9-session series through First Peter on finding hope in a broken world.

[ Your Chance ]

A 12-session series on the life of Jesus’ twelve disciples and how this is our chance to influence the world for Christ.

[ Experiencing the Holy Spirit ]

An 8-session Bible immersive series on experiencing the Holy Spirit in our life.

[ Other Recommended Curriculum ]

A list of other recommended curriculum for small group use.

D.I.Y. Service Projects

Serving as a group is a great way to connect better with each other, grow as a follower of Jesus, and start building bridges with your neighborhood and community. Follow the steps below to get started!


STEP 1: Choose a DIY Service Project from this list below.


STEP 2: Put it on the calendar and do it!


STEP 3: Tell us how it went by going to


Project Ideas

 – In Your Neighborhood

 – In the Church

 – With a Local Partner