Baby Dedication

The Difference Between Baby Dedication and Infant Baptism

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication Services might better be called “Parent Commitment” Services. A Baby Dedication Service is an opportunity for parents to commit themselves to raising their child for the glory of God in a Christian environment.

Infant Baptism

Infant baptism or “christening,” is the practice of baptizing very young children or infants by sprinkling them with water. Fellowship Alliance does not practice this ceremony. We believe that the Bible teaches that Baptism is for believers in Jesus Christ (Acts 2:41, Acts 8:23-13). Babies are not yet capable of understanding and believing what Jesus Christ did for them. Therefore, our Baby Dedication Services are focused on the parent’s dedication and not an infant’s salvation.


Accountability for Parents

As parents, it is important for you to have accountability through your church family. Please attend services regularly at FAC.

Parents should meet the following criteria before dedicating their children:

  • Parents must be followers of Jesus Christ. If parents are not followers of Christ themselves, they cannot raise their children to follow Him.
  • Parents must be married. Since God designed for couples to have children within marriage, couples that have children outside of marriage are expected to wait until they are married to dedicate their children.
  • A note on single-parent dedication: We understand that a parent may be single, divorced, widowed, or have a spouse that is not a believer. In these cases, a child may be dedicated if the parent dedicating the child is a believer in Jesus Christ and willing to stand alone before the congregation. All dedications will be subject to approval by the Pastoral staff.

Baby Dedication Classes

If you are considering baby dedication for the first time, please attend the upcoming class prior to the dedication service.


If you have any questions about baby dedication, contact Rev. Erik Jarvis, Director of Children and Youth at 609-953-7333, x118 or