Worship Training

Sunday, November 4th |  2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. | FREE


EQUIP Worship Training exists to enable worship leaders and teams in the South Jersey region become better equipped to lead spiritually with musical & artistic excellence. We welcome churches from all around the region to unite in this pursuit. EQUIP offers practical training on specific instruments and vocal performance. A leadership team of volunteer worship musicians will be facilitating workshops for guitar, bass, drums, keys, piano, and vocals.


Fellowship Alliance Chapel
199 Church Rd. Medford, NJ 08055



We desire to make much of Jesus in the South Jersey/Greater Philadelphia region by leading people to worship Jesus with wholehearted devotion. Our vision is to unite churches from the surrounding area by helping each other develop as worship musicians. Each church has different experiences to share, and we want to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. EQUIP provides an ongoing training experience for musicians to refine their musical abilities, and represent Christ beautifully and artistically in a worship setting.


We equip worship leaders to lead spiritually, artistically, and with unity of heart. If you are a musician desiring to use your musical gifts for God, don’t let intimidation or anything else stop you. Come enjoy the casual and interactive atmosphere of EQUIP to catch a look inside worship ministry and how you can dive in. Through EQUIP you’ll discover that you’re not just a singer or musician—you’re a leader. A leader representing the heart of God through worship.


EQUIP training nights will follow the basic format below:

  • 20 min. Teaching on worship leadership
  • 20-25 min. Combined worship
  • 45 min. Breakout sessions on Guitar, Bass, Keys/Piano, Drums, and Vocals

Explore different instrumental techniques and practices used in worship. For specific examples on what our training sessions will cover, take a look at the Training Topics tab.

Training Topics

We offer training sessions on the following musical topics:

How to hear and sing harmonies by ear
Principles of Blending Your Voice with a Group
Principles on Leading Worship as a Vocalist

Developing a Consistent Tempo
Principles of Dynamics in a Worship Setting
Playing with Restraint
How to Play ‘In the Pocket’

Developing Sounds and Patches for Worship
Bridging Song Transitions and Key Changes
Playing with a Sense of Proportion
Chord Voicings for Worship Music

Electric Guitar
What is the Role of Guitar in Worship? (Lead and Rhythm)
Chord Voicings for Acoustic/Electric Playing
Tools for Tone (Using Gear Tastefully in Worship)
Playing with Click Tracks

Acoustic Guitar
Using Nashville Number System for Worship Acoustic Guitar
Practical tools for memorizing songs
Acoustic Guitar chord voicings and strumming patterns

Reading Chord Charts
How to Lock in with a Drummer
Note Selection (Not Overplaying)
Playing with Click Tracks