Marriage Alpha

Friday, October 2, 2020 | 7:00 to 8:30 PM | Online | FREE

We are so excited to be offering the Marriage Alpha Course this fall! Please join us for Friday night date nights at 7 pm, starting on October 2. Order take out and get your laptop and join us as we learn about God and marriage. Marriage Alpha is a discussion and video-based course that will be presented via zoom from the privacy of your home.

If ever there was a time for strengthening our marriages and growing closer to God, that time is now! We are all adjusting to our new lifestyle of social distancing, mask wearing and not gathering in large crowds. We know there are strains on marriages during these times. Even the best marriages are being tested; there are relational, job and financial pressures on our relationships. We believe God created marriage as a beautiful opportunity for a man and a woman to develop an intimate, loving relationship, and if you agree, join us!

We will be hosting 7 weekly online meetings, starting on October 2nd at 7 pm. Registration will be online and limited. The cost per couple is free including the marriage journal e-book or ($9.09 for a hard copy of the marriage journal).


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