Worship in shadows

April 19, 2019 | 7:00 p.m. | FAC Fellowship Center

Tenebrae service is a 4th century-church tradition service of reflection and contemplation. This is done using 7 candle-light readings of scripture pertaining to the darkness that prevailed as Jesus journeyed toward the cross. This ancient latin word literally means “shadows” in the context of darkness that surrounded the last few days, often referred to as the passion of Christ. During this service, there will be a series of readings from the gospels that narrates this idea. After each reading,  a candle light is snuffed out to depict this increasing sense of darkness. At the end, one candle will remain lit as the light of Christ in the midst of prevailing darkness.

Several hymns will be sung in between some of the readings to further reflect on what Jesus Christ endured and overcame in order to give us hope in the midst of our own pain and struggles.