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Latest God@Work

Jacqueline Cerami

In 2006 when I was 40 years old, my beloved mother died. My reaction to my mother’s death was that I became so angry and upset with Jesus. How dare He take my beloved mother away from me and my family! I was so upset with Jesus that I stopped going to church. I told Jesus of my disgust for Him and that I no longer needed Him in my life.
- August 28, 2019

Marilee Pipes

The story I want to tell you began on Memorial Day of 2005. I had a massive heart attack. I was recuperating from a fusion on my right ankle and just felt yucky. I was thinking maybe I was just feeling the withdrawal from pain medicine, but the attack felt like a knife in my back. I was rushed to Virtua Hospital, where they saw that, indeed, I was having a heart attack.
- July 28, 2019

Jake Davies

Through my struggles with faith in high school and the beginning of college, I knew I had to come to the decision: Am I going to continue to please myself or am I going to pursue God’s plan for my life?
- May 29, 2019