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Latest God@Work

Chris Rose

“Be anxious for nothing... present your requests to God”
- November 30, 2017

Ally Foering

“After a few weeks of trying this type of prayer, I began to feel closer to God.”
- November 01, 2017

Cliff and Wendy Jones

"Cliff and Wendi stressed the importance of Christians being open and transparent with each other regarding their burdens, no matter what they might be."
- September 29, 2017

Julia Pearson

"With Him, we were stronger than we ever thought we could be."
- August 31, 2017

Alyssa Maziarz

"No, the road to recovery was so long - and probably never ending. The difference was that now Jesus was with me, giving me His power to help me make the right decisions."
- July 29, 2017