In Your Neighborhood

Ready to serve in your community? Serving is that simple step that keeps us healthy and growing as followers of Jesus. We each have different spheres of influence where we work, travel, and play. So whether you’re an individual looking to meet needs in the community or a small group willing to serve, here are some ideas to help you get started!


Show your appreciation for teachers, policemen/women, firemen/women, local DMV workers. Add a note expressing appreciation.

Gift Cards

Collect gift cards for school supplies, the FAC Care Center, single moms, etc.

Help the Homeless

Work with a homeless shelter to prepare meals, or you can make sandwiches and distribute them with personal messages about God’s love. Make care packages and keep them in your car, being aware of opportunities for distribution.

Snow Day Help

Prepare a team to be ready to shovel snow from the sidewalks and/or brush off the cars of those working the late shift.

Help for Seniors

Visit seniors at a local assisted care facility. “Adopt” a senior and send him/her cards, letters. Visit often. Seniors living at home may need help with cooking, cleaning, organizing, or transportation.

Porch Night

Invite neighbors to your porch to sit, hang out, or eat while music plays in the background. Perfect for spring, fall or summer days!

Lawn Games Tournament

Invite neighbors to your lawn for some of your favorite lawn games.

Backyard Barbecue

Invite neighbors to grill together. Have a contest with judges to vote on the best grilled meat (or veggie meat if you like)!

Yard Cleanup

Does someone need help with their yard? Time to get your hands dirty and help out!

New Baby Welcome

Did a new family welcome a newborn in your neighborhood? Have everyone pitch in some cash to buy something special for the family and deliver it to them.