"Role Wreckers" workshop
Dec 6, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Organizer: Julie Durdin

Sure, You DO Have an Impressive Resume…

Nearly all of us have, or have had, a job or career we identify ourselves with. Yet, on any given day, we can be called upon to slip into another role based on the circumstances we find ourselves in. No sooner have we arrived home, ready to rest just a little, when the real work begins. We suddenly find ourselves thrust into becoming referees, chauffers, chefs, judges, psychologists, plumbers, and…well, you get the picture. You probably never really thought about those responsibilities as “roles” before, have you? You were just doing what you needed to do! But now that you think about it…you’re pretty much Super Man and Wonder Woman!! Who knew??

But guess what???

You Just Might be a Role Wrecker too…

You may be playing a few other roles as well, and you aren’t even aware of them. Just like the ones listed above, they snuck up on you, you just kind of fell into them, and they became a part of your life. The problem is, these roles aren’t wanted, aren’t needed, and most certainly aren’t welcomed in any relationship, especially a marriage.

Join us as we reveal the top three role wreckers in your marriage and show you how to erase them from YOUR resume.

Fellowship Ctr Main Auditorium
199 Church Road

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