Safe People Book study
Every week on Wednesday until Apr 21, 2021 from 7:00p to 8:30p
Except on Mar 10th, 2021
Organizer: Brent Brendle

Wednesdays, Starting March 10 | 7:00 – 8:30 PM | Online | Book

The relationships we have with people we encounter frequently or daily should be healthy for us and help us grow to be who God wants us to be. These people are referred to as “safe people.” However, some people we may fellowship, work, or live with may not be good for us in ways that will possibly trigger our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as emotionally stress and hurt us. These people are referred to as “unsafe people.” It takes discernment to tell safe from unsafe people, which is a skill that can be developed. This eight-week course is hosted by a clinical psychologist who brings both Biblical principles and professional insight to help you distinguish healthy from unhealthy relationships.