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Christine Petersen

Some people seem to stumble into their jobs by a random lead or a friend’s referral.  But for me, I knew God planned my journey at FAC from the start. I first discovered the church through my aunt and uncle—David and Judi Shoemaker, who help to lead Alpha and Angel Tree here at FAC. This past winter they introduced me to FAC’s Administrative Director, Chris Rose, and before I knew it I was typing up church policies as a contracted technical writer. Three months and five policy manuals later, I ended my contract work at FAC to spend three months teaching in the Great South Land of Australia. I taught writing and art—two of my greatest passions—at a school in rural Queensland. Yes, I went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and no, I didn’t get attacked by a kangaroo. But I did create some sensational memories, and now many of my closest friends live in the Land Down Under. I reluctantly left my colorful and casual Aussie life to return to America and further pursue my writing career. As God would have it, doors opened up for me to work full time at FAC. I’m now positioned as the church’s Communications Coordinator, carrying responsibilities in professional writing, editing, and marketing. I also work as a contractor for a company based in North Carolina which specializes in the field of medical and pharmaceutical writing.

To share some background on my history before FAC, I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in several states, but the oxygenated mountains, the Amish farmland, and the abundant deciduous trees of Pennsylvania will always feel like home. My journey as a writer began ironically when, as a young teenager, I reluctantly agreed to write a story due to the begging of my older sister. She, unlike me, had always enjoyed writing and wanted me to join in her creative pursuits. In two hours I had cranked out a halfway decent start to a historical fiction novel set in colonial America. My sister’s overwhelming support of my writing from that day onward—along with many more encouraging voices along the way—has inspired me to become the writer that I am today. I have a B.A. in Creative Writing, along with a strong background in technical communication.

Apart from my writing career, I’m a portrait artist, nutritionist to my friends and family, lover of classic literature, good stories, and high-quality coffee—preferably still steaming, in a ceramic mug. If you cracked open my heart, you’d also find a world map. I love exploring new lands and cultures, and have traveled the continental United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and of course, Australia. I also enjoy public speaking to large audiences, and getting my hands dirty at a pottery wheel.

My relationship with Christ began as a young girl, but my maturity in that relationship didn’t develop substantially till by teen years. Facing rejection from peers, I realized that my security couldn’t be found in friends or popularity. I decided to pursue relationships with the less-popular girls like myself. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. God gave me a ministry with them, and allowed me to experience firsthand the joy of selfless love. Since then God has led me to many more opportunities to serve Him, from speaking opportunities in Australia, to leading as Chaplain, and eventually President, of my collegiate society of 120 women. Now as I take on this writing position at FAC, I see another ministry God has called me to. My greatest desire in this role is to give Christ the honor He deserves through my writing. Even now as I write these words, I’m humbled by God’s kindness to me. I’ve faced hard times—including my Mom’s battle with cancer and a dearly-loved sister who has suffered chronic health problems. But through it all, I’ve come back to the stabilizing truth that I can trust God. He is able to sustain me through anything life throws at me. And most of all, I’ve come back to the truth that He is Good. All the time. No matter what.

Phone: 609-953-7333 x 138

Christine Petersen
Communications Coordinator