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Heather Costomiris

Heather Costomiris was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Voorhees, NJ, when she was six years old. She is a graduate of West Chester University and worked previously as a special education teacher.

Heather has been an administrative assistant at FAC since August 2016. She has also been a volunteer in various ministries since 2009. Those include Women’s Bible Studies, Outreach, and the Care Center.

Heather currently works at FAC as an administrative assistant, working on registrations, weekly attendance, maintaining and updating the database, and other tasks as needed.

When asked about her faith, Heather says:

I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was a year out of college. I grew up surrounded by two different faiths. My mom and dad are Jewish. My grandparents, whom I spent a great deal of time with as a child, are Methodist. For a long time, this caused me to be very confused about faith in general. When I went away to school, my natural insecurities and that confusion contributed to my desire to be seen as “normal,” something I had never felt. After a very difficult freshman year, I began spending my weekends with my grandparents, who lived in West Chester, just five minutes from my dorm. Because I was with them on weekends, I started going to church with them on Sundays. For the next four years, I was surrounded by a very kind and loving church family who loved me for who I was. I was finally able to put the two different faiths I had grown up with together. I went through a study where we were reading Exodus and the Gospels, and I saw how in Exodus, God was pointing us to Him and to Jesus through the story of the Israelites. It was then that I was finally able to see who God is and that He loves me and wants me to follow Him. I was all in at that point. While I like anybody else have had my ups and downs, I have never looked back.

Heather and her husband Jason live in Marlton.

Phone: 609-953-7333 x 115

Heather Costomiris
Administrative Assistant