Our Story

What God Has Done Here


God called our founding pastor, Marty Berglund, and his wife, Laurie, to start a church in Medford, NJ. They went from home to home, reaching out to their neighbors to begin plowing the ground for God to plant the first seed of a church. In 1980, 17 people met in Pastor Marty and Laurie’s home in Shamong for the first worship services of our church. Bedrooms became classrooms, and the garage was the first sanctuary. That small group of dedicated people began Bible studies, children’s and youth programs, and reached out to their community through prayer and hard work. For 40 years, their faithful service to God’s Kingdom work continued until Fellowship grew to over 2,000 people in our congregation.

In June 2021, Pastor Seth and his wife Jenny moved to Medford as Pastor Seth took the baton from Pastor Marty. In this next chapter, we are experiencing a renewed sense of anticipation for what God has in our future, and a growing sense of unity around our identity and calling as a congregation.

Our facilities and staff have been expanded to strengthen and equip our growing church family. We can be characterized as a reformed-leaning, complementarian, Christian and Missionary Alliance church. We are committed to being faithful to God’s Word, dynamic evangelism, fellowship groups, every-member ministry, and cultural renewal. All of these are fueled by serious and earnest prayer.

As a church, fellowship is in our name, and it is at the core of who we are. Our fellowship is called together by God, knit together by the Holy Spirit, and tasked with the sacred mission to proclaim and follow Christ. We pray you are able to encounter the life-giving truth of the gospel and become interwoven throughout our Fellowship Alliance family.