Our Teaching

What We Teach

We know choosing a new church family is an important task. Many factors are involved, and the most critical is—“What do they believe and teach about God?” Here are the coordinates that can help you place us on the “evangelical map” to see if we live in the same belief neighborhood.

We are Evangelical

We are part of the Christian Missionary Alliance, which holds a minimal set of shared beliefs in order to get as many as possible involved in global missions. This statement of faith is minimal, is often described as a big tent for lots to get under, and is currently being reviewed for changes. Since this is minimal and is always being adjusted, we look back historically for a statement that grounds us as Protestants.

We are Protestant

We are on the “west side” of the big tent. We are grateful for the Reformation and its effect on shaping western culture. This corner can be clarified by a more full statement of faith called the London Baptist Confession. As you hear preaching and teaching in classes, you will hear these doctrines expressed.

We are Biblical

We agree with the Chicago Statement that what the Bible says is what God says, and what God says is what we believe. At times, what God says about current movements in the culture needs to be clarified to equip and keep the church faithful to the Bible’s commands. Currently, God’s design for marriage, gendered differences, sexuality, and justice in society have needed clearly articulated statements. We are persuaded that the Danvers Statement, Nashville Statement, and Dallas Statement are biblical.