Marriage Ministry

Why does marriage matter? When considering marriage we often think of companionship and intimacy, but marriage holds a deeper purpose than these gifts. Marriage is designed by God and for God. It provides a channel to further His Kingdom and accomplish His work. Therefore it must be taken seriously and used to fulfill God’s purposes and design.

The Marriage Ministry of Fellowship Alliance Chapel is comprised of a group of married couples who are passionate about God’s plan for this unique relationship. Our leaders desire to share encouragement, help, hope, and healing with God’s Word guiding the way.

The Marriage Ministry provides something for couples at all stages of life including couples in the pre-marriage stage and couples who have been married for decades.

Brent Brendle

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The Marriage Course

Starting March 6, 2021 | 9:00 to 10:30 AM | Online | Free | Register

If ever there was a time for strengthening our marriages and growing closer to God, that time is now! We know there are strains on marriages during these times. Even the best marriages are being tested; there are relational, job, and financial pressures on our relationships. We believe God created marriage as a beautiful opportunity for a man and a woman to develop an intimate, loving relationship, and if you agree, join us!

We are so excited to be offering the Marriage Course! Please join us for a 7-week online course on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. starting on March 6th. Grab your laptop and join us as we learn about God and marriage. The Marriage Course is a discussion and video-based course that will be presented via zoom in the privacy of your home.

Marriage Coaching & Counseling

Marriage coaching and counseling gives partners practical advice and encouragement for their marriage. Marriage coaching and counseling at FAC is primarily for those who attend FAC. Contact Brent Brendle to get plugged into any of the ministries listed below; [], (609) 953-7333 x 129

Pre-Marriage Coaching

This 2-on-2 coaching pairs an engaged couple with one of our trained coaching couples. Learn to stop bad patterns before they become ingrained into your relationship, and start out right. Following an initial meeting, couples will begin by taking an online survey called “Prepare/Enrich” to help us determine the mentor couple best suited to them. Engaged couples will meet with their coaching couples for 6 to 8 weeks or more if desired.

Marriage Coaching

Every couple is different. And so are the struggles that can surface in their relationship. Whether it’s communication issues, fights over finances, misjudged roles, overwhelming responsibilities, a lack of love and respect, or anything else, we believe most marriages could use some practical advice and encouragement. This 2-on-2 coaching pairs married couples with one of our trained coaching couples. Following an initial meeting, couples will take an online survey to help us assess what coaching couple is best suited for them. They will meet with this couple for 6 to 8 weeks, or more if desired.

Marriage Counseling

Sometimes marriage coaching isn’t enough, and a couple needs a more intense and focused time of counseling. We provide marriage counseling to help couples identify and overcome their struggles in a Godly way. For questions regarding pastoral marriage counseling, couples are encouraged to contact Pastor Brent Brendle at [] or 609-953-7333 x 129.


Your wedding day will likely be one of the best remembered days of your life, and we are happy to assist you in coordinating the details for an on-site wedding ceremony,

For information about having your wedding at Fellowship Alliance Chapel, [click here] or contact our Wedding Coordinator [].

Community Group

Blended Family Community Group

Beautifully Blended is a developing segment of the FAC Marriage Ministry.  We are seeking to minister to the blended families of our church family and surrounding community.


Brent Brendle
(609) 953-7333 x 129

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