Next Gen

Ages 14 to 25

Next Gen Ministry

Next Gen ministry focuses on three main areas: High School, College & Young Adults, and Leadership & Ministry Training. We want to bridge the gap from high school to adulthood so students discover Christ, experience real life change, and build strength in their faith that matures into adulthood as they do. We believe in raising leaders in our internship and residency programs first to train new pastors and missionaries and second to teach young people to take the truth of the gospel into their relationships, families, and workplaces.

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Glory McCoy
(609) 953-7333 x 117

Zach Hummer

Next Gen Pastor

The Great Opportunity

You might be wondering what Next Gen ministry is. Don’t feel bad, It’s not a common church category, and the concept is a new one for us, but we’ve noticed a startling trend in our culture and our Next Gen ministry is one way we hope to address it. The trend? Given the current trajectory of American Christianity, we could see over 30 million young people raised in the church leave their faith by 2050. Check out the sobering report here: “The Great Opportunity.”

Join us in praying for the next crop of leaders. Join us in praying for the next generation.

—Zach Hummer, Next Gen Pastor

Grades 9–12

Youth Group

Sundays | 6:00–8:00 PM | The Barn

High school-aged students are at a prime moment to hear and receive the gospel. Our weekly youth group centers on that foundation and seeks to help believing students take ownership of their faith while presenting unbelieving students with the truth of the gospel so that they might be saved. 

The Midweek

Wednesdays, Starting June 14 | 6:30–8:00 PM | The Barn 

Join us for The Midweek, our weekly high school Bible study, where we’ll take a deep dive into Scripture and explore how it can transform our lives. Each week, we’ll tackle a new topic or passage and engage in thoughtful discussion about what it means for us as believers. The Midweek is a place where you can ask tough questions, explore difficult concepts, and connect with other students who share your passion for learning and growing in your faith. 

High School Special Events

Special events are held throughout the year to grow in community, discipleship, and outreach. Check upcoming events below for the next meeting or event.

Follow us on Instagram for updates about Youth Group meetings and scheduled special events. Please contact Glory McCoy at for information on offsite locations.

Ages 18–25

The Weekly

Sundays, Starting June 11 | 12:30–2:30 PM | The Barn | Register Below

The Weekly is a community of young adults who care deeply about their faith and want to see the hope and power of Jesus transform their lives and the lives of their friends, classmates, and co-workers. Young adults will gather in a large group for teaching from God’s Word and then divide into small groups for discussion. 



High School Upcoming Events

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Young Adults Upcoming Events

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