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Latest God@Work

Diego & Gigi

Diego & Gigi talk about how they came to a saving faith in Jesus through reading His Word.
- November 02, 2022


GodisPerfect shares how God changed her from performing to knowing Him.
- November 15, 2021

Laurie Berglund

Laurie Berglund shares how God has been at work in her life and through the God@Work story team. We are so thankful for her faithful leading and encouragement to help others share their stories!
- June 01, 2021

Mike Lewis

Mike shares how God sought a relationship with him even when he was a skeptic. If you have questions about God, life, or faith try Alpha! Find out more about Alpha at myfac.org/alpha.
- April 04, 2021

Alex Fernholz

Alex shares how she met God after she was invited to church by her now husband, Jordan. Who will you invite?
- February 27, 2021


Stephanie shares how she met God at Alpha and how her new relationship with Him has changed her life.
- December 25, 2020

Kathy Sazonov

Out of great emotional pain, God has been working in my life, redeeming me and setting me free from my past... I am telling my story because I want everyone to know that nothing can separate us from the love of God, forgiveness is possible, and there is mighty power in the Word. Whatever ditch you might be in, God can pull you up and out!
- September 24, 2020

Sophia S.

Sophia shares how she met God at Alpha and how He helped her through one of the hardest times in her life.
- September 15, 2020

Ines R.

Ines shares how she sees God at work in her job as a nurse.
- July 15, 2020

Kelly S.

Kelly tells her story about how God radically changed her life through Alpha.
- April 12, 2020